Vintage VH51FR Guitar mods

This page covers the mods and changes I’ve made to my Vintage VH51FR guitar.  What’s one of those?  It’s a guitar that’s somewhere like a MusicMan Axis Sport/Eddie Van Halen and Peavey Wolfgang.  It’s a sort of modern take on a twin humbucker, Floyd Rose rock guitar I guess.   It’s made somewhere in the Far East and is branded in the UK as a “Vintage”.  I guess the VH in the type is for “Van Halen” and the FR is for “Flamed Red” which is what it is.  Dunno what the 51 stands for.

The photo below is copied from ebay – which is where I bought it.   I have several guitars so why did I buy this one?  I justifed it to myself on two reason:

1) I’ve never previously owned a guitar with a Floyd Rose Tremolo

2) It was cheap.

photo from ebay

photo from ebay

So I fired in a bid. And I won.  And it cost less than £50.00.  Yep, the decimal point is in the right place.   I didn’t know what to expect as I’d never even played a guitar like this, never mind owned one and there’s not a lot of information about them available on the web.  But I was happy that if I didn’t like it I could always put it back on ebay again and possibly even make a small profit.

And so it arrived.  First things first……….  the Union Flag had to go….. Sorry but it did.


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