More adventures in WordPressland..

I’ll be adding some other sections to this blog at some points today. The “new” bits will be an attempt to cut’n’paste in some information I previously wrote/published about modifying a small Peavey NanoValve guitar amp. Not sure how I’ll port across all the pictures and such like, but hey ho – it’s a learning process at the moment.  So here’s the “To Do” list for this blog:

  • Build a section on the Peavey Nanovalve mods
  • Build a section on the Blackheart Handsome Devil mods
  • Find a host to let me do a full install of WordPress  (to allow greater freedom with plug-ins)

That’s enough for today.  Future plans include tying this blog to Facebook and to Twitter (which is why I think I need a self hosted version. 



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