Monthly Archives: November 2011

More adventures in WordPressland..

I’ll be adding some other sections to this blog at some points today. The “new” bits will be an attempt to cut’n’paste in some information I previously wrote/published about modifying a small Peavey NanoValve guitar amp. Not sure how I’ll port across all the pictures and such like, but hey ho – it’s a learning process at the moment.  So here’s the “To Do” list for this blog:

  • Build a section on the Peavey Nanovalve mods
  • Build a section on the Blackheart Handsome Devil mods
  • Find a host to let me do a full install of WordPress  (to allow greater freedom with plug-ins)

That’s enough for today.  Future plans include tying this blog to Facebook and to Twitter (which is why I think I need a self hosted version. 



A noisy experience

So I find myself in a hotel in Crewe. I knew it was beside the railway when I booked it. I forgot how noisy trains are as they pass by. Ho hum.

(this post is a test using my iPhone and of posting pictures)

This is my room in the Crewe Arms. Large and basic.

It’s about time to play some more with WordPress

It’s about time I learned a bit more about using wordpress and the powerful way it can be configured.

So,  this is a firsts serious attempt to do so.

Things to blog about.

  • music
  • guitars
  • modifying amps and such like
  • politics/economics

That should be enough to be going on with,